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Organic Cashew Kernels

Organic Cashew Kernels

Training on organic cashew cultivation and care techniques for farmers


In order to maintain and develop the company's organic cashew material areas as well as support and update new knowledge for farmers, Fomexco JSC continuously invests in cultivation, care as well as selecting new varieties with higher productivity and quality. Guiding materials are printed and distributed regularly by the company to farmers in local training sessions.

On August 10, 2018, the company organized training and training for farmers in Dong Nai Commune, Bu Dang District, Binh Phuoc Province, the main content in the training session was engineers and technicians of the company. practical instructions on cashew orchards of farmers. The content of the training session includes:

  1. Plant breeding techniques
  2. Common guidance on cultivation and pest control for cashew
  3. Organic cashew care techniques: cashew defoliation treatment techniques, flowering stimulation, methods to limit black dry cotton, techniques to treat fruit set.
  4. Techniques to take care of organic cashew trees after harvest
  5. Process of purchasing raw materials and producing organic cashew for export

Fomexco's technical staff instructs the digging of cashew planting holes

(Fomexco's technical staff instructs the digging of cashew planting holes)

During the training session, the 2-way communication method was maximized, farmers boldly raised the difficulties and problems encountered in the process of participating in the standard organic cashew material area project. international. The technical staff, in addition to giving the farmers a specific and clear explanation, also exchanged experiences and characteristics of cashew crops that farmers in other regions have tested for farmers to learn. ask and apply in production on the cashew orchard area of ​​the household, thereby helping to save labor and achieve higher productivity, and sell at a higher price than normal.

tập huấn chồng điều cho nông dân

After training sessions, the Company always hopes to contribute to support farmers in changing production methods, by methods that comply with the standards of organic agriculture. Fomexco also supports farmers to actively build nurseries, transfer seeds, organic fertilizers and auxiliary works with organic cashew care techniques to multiply the area.

Source: Fomexco JSC