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Organic Cashew Kernels

Organic Cashew Kernels

Organic cashew production and export process at Fomexco JSC


1. Breeding, nursery
Cashew is perennial industrial crops, from the time of planting, it takes from 3 to 4 years to start harvesting, the time to maintain harvesting is up to 50 years. The planting density is 200 trees / ha to ensure light distribution for the canopy to develop, ensuring plant nutrition. To achieve high yields and stability according to organic standards, the variety was selected from healthy, non-GM crops suitable for the local climate and soil.

2. Development of raw material areas
In order to have organic cashew materials for production and export, Fomexco invests in coordination with local authorities, accompanying farmers to develop sustainable organic cashew material areas. The development of planting area projects requires a lot of effort, time, and technology ... In the first phase, Fomexco builds a cooperative model owned by farmers, contributing to supporting people to change farming methods and harvested according to organic standards. Fomexco implements regular training activities and assists farmers in setting up nurseries, transferring seeds, organic fertilizers, biological pesticides, and controlling farming and harvesting activities.

Fomexco builds a team of ICS to manage the planting area, periodically check and check technical support at the project implementation locality. Ensure the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides according to regulations, contribute to environmental protection, and provide stable organic cashew for domestic and international markets. Fomexco has a system that periodically checks leaf, fruit and soil samples, eliminating cultivating households that do not comply with organic technical requirements. Fomexco aims to develop green and sustainable agriculture in cashew growing areas meeting EU and USDA organic standards.

3. Production and processing

The organic cashew material is purchased by the company from farmers participating in the organic cashew farming area project invested by the company, owned by the project and managed by the company. The process of purchasing and transporting raw materials must comply with a strict management process to ensure traceability such as: name of household head, area, harvested output, packaging ... until transport home. machine, production storage.

100% automatic production line system, from the very beginning to the packaging of the finished product. Factory infrastructure and equipment are invested to meet BRC, ISO 22000: 2018 standards; Organic EU and USDA, always ready to meet the increasing quality requirements of customers.

The production management system meets ISO 22000: 2018, Organic EU and USDA standards. The entire production management system is strictly controlled from the following stages: Raw screening -> Steaming -> Splitting -> Drying -> Humidifying -> Peeling silk -> Oxylow or ECO2 disinfection (100% unused disinfectant) -> Color shot -> Vacuum and packaging -> Storage -> Out of stock.

At Fomexo, all production stages are managed on modern production management software, updated data and automatically analyzed and evaluated, giving real-time quality improvement warnings, helping for the assessment of production efficiency, quality control, productivity improvement is a leading strength of Fomexco in Vietnam.

4. Export and distribution

Fomexco focuses on investing and applying software in order management, customer care, and process-based contract control to ensure the priority as well as the sorting order in production and warehouse. First In, First Out (FIFO) standards. All pre-shipment orders must ensure quality monitoring records of each stage, ensure traceability according to the process.

Organic orders are registered under the European COI supply-demand system. 100% of orders, before being shipped, are checked for important expenses such as: Microbiology, heavy metals, pesticide residues to ensure Fomexco's trust as well as customers' interests.

Customers can track their order fulfillment progress on Fomexco's online software system, collect customer opinions, periodically evaluate to improve better in cooperation with customers, partners under the motto WIN - WIN.

Organic cashew production and export process

Source: Fomexco JSC