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Organic Cashew Kernels

Organic Cashew Kernels

Fomexco JSC and Dong Nai Cooperative perform assessments and receive certificates of organic cashew


Growing organic cashews according to Organic standards requires rigorous technical process, so it is imperative for growers to have in-depth knowledge and techniques. However, a Dong Nai Agricultural Trading and Service Cooperative together with Fomex co., Ltd has achieved good results with organic cashew model and Organic standards.

Up to now, the number of cooperative members is 136 and the area has increased to nearly 3,000 hectares, of which 980 hectares have reached the Organic standard, the remaining area is still being assessed for certification of organic standards in the near future.

Organic cashew production is strictly implemented by Fomexco according to the process, from seed selection, gardening, pruning, fertilizing, tending, using plant protection products to harvesting ... so the honesty of Farmers have to put on top. Foreign experts will check at any cashew orchard, if any garden products do not meet the standards, they will be removed from the cooperative and have to start over. At first, many households were hesitant because they were afraid of not following, now they are actively planting clean cashews to get into Dong Nai Cooperative - Fomexco.

In the past, farmers in this area were still poor. Cashew nuts were the main source of income for the locals here, and after the season, they bought cow manure to fertilize to help the trees grow in the off-season, to work more jobs. more to check more income ... From joining Dong Nai Cooperative - Fomexco, agricultural engineers came to the garden "hand-in-hand", from fertilizing, spraying process to spraying herbicide, burning leaves in the garden help me have more knowledge, products made by the company to the garden to buy at a higher price than the market has contributed to raising the selling price - raising the value of cashew products into organic exports. to fastidious markets.

( Photo: Technician Fomexco trains and trains farmers in the region)

Currently, all cashew products of the cooperative are covered by Fomexco JSC with a price higher than the market 1,000 VND / kg. At the same time, a subsidy of VND 500 / kg after the end of the crop. Mr. Tran Van Truong, Director of the cooperative said that in the 2018-2019 crop, the cooperative sold 333.35 tons of Organic cashews. “An ordinary cashew orchard annually yields about 2 tons / ha, but planting in the direction of Organic is much lower. But in return, the price is higher. So, on the same area, farmers still reach the income level equivalent to the conventional planting method, at the same time, do not worry about output ”.

The production process according to Organic standards must be conducted in parallel with reducing the amount of chemical drugs and combining organic fertilizer to improve the soil. It is easy to see, organic production initially encountered difficulties, but for the long term, this is an inevitable direction.




Source: Fomexco JSC