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How are the containers out of control now?

25/04/2022 449 Viewed

Out of 35 containers of cashew nuts that have lost their original documents, 10 have been guaranteed and agreed with the shipping company and are on their way back to Vietnam.

The above information has just been informed by the Cashew Association (Vinacas) and the Vietnam Trade Counselor in Italy Nguyen Duc Thanh to VnExpress. According to Mr. Thanh, of the 36 containers of cashews that were out of control, in fact only 35 had lost the original documents (the rest had found the documents and are in the process of being sold to foreign partners). Of the lost documents, currently 10 containers have been negotiated with the shipping company. Businesses have received a deposit/bank guarantee, so they are sending their goods back to Vietnam by ship.

Another 9 containers were ordered by a company that "didn't know that someone was in their name" to order. Therefore, they refused to receive the above shipment for the shipping company to return ownership to the seller.

However, shipping lines refer to international practice, forcing Vietnamese companies to deposit/bank guarantee of more than 100% of the value of the shipment to actually regain ownership. This amount is to ensure that if someone else brings the original documents to claim the goods, the shipping company will not suffer damage. Businesses are currently facing many difficulties related to shipments, so they need relevant agencies to step in to handle and support.

With the remaining 16 containers being processed further. In which, there is 1 container full of original documents, but the shipping company CMA CGM has not allowed the Vietnamese export company to change the recipient (already has another buyer). This company requires a rejection letter from the old consignee in the original set of documents (LOI/LOR). The enterprise and the Counselor went to the business registration address of the old purchasing company to request a rejection letter, but failed because of the "ghost" address.

"Vietnamese businesses after this incident have faced a lot of difficulties because the companies cannot afford to deposit and guarantee the bank," Mr. Thanh said.

Currently, businesses are still trying to negotiate with shipping lines using only 110% bank guarantee instead of 150% to reduce pressure on businesses, but Cosco disagrees. Therefore, Mr. Thanh suggested that Vietnamese credit institutions, if they have project packages to support small and medium-sized enterprises, consider helping them overcome this difficulty.

35 containers out of control are in the batch of 100 cashew containers of 5 Vietnamese enterprises exporting to Italy in early February

(35 containers out of control are in the batch of 100 cashew containers of 5 Vietnamese enterprises exporting to Italy in early February)

The Trade Office side is still actively investigating companies that buy cashews, pushing these companies to sign a certificate of non-receipt of goods to return ownership to the seller. However, the difficulty in this work is that many companies practically do not exist and the owner of the company does not appear.

In order to claim ownership more quickly, the Trade Office has coordinated with Vinacas and the selling group, and the Law Firm to file a full lawsuit at the Criminal Court and the Italian Civil Court.

Source: VnExpress.net